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Herein lies a list of all of my fic. I've linked to the AO3 posts here, but I'm under the same screen name (canarian) on Scarves & Coffee and Fanfiction.net.

Walk the Line:

AU where Blaine is 4 years older (Dalton c/o 2008) than Kurt (WMHS c/o 2012) and becomes director of New Directions after Schue gets canned for being inappropriately involved in his students’ lives.
Word Count: TBD | Status: WIP | Rating: M

When I Get You Alone:

AU in which Kurt never goes to spy on the Warblers before sectionals. Kurt and Blaine first meet when Cooper takes his younger brother to a strip club to celebrate his 18th birthday. That evening, a chance encounter leads both boys down a path that is more than they bargained for. But when trouble pops up in the form of a familiar face, it could all end before it ever really starts.
Word Count: 80,678 | Status: Complete | Rating: M



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